An Encounter with Anna

Actor: Anna Kankila

2016, Recover Laboratory’s labyrinth, Viikinmäki waste water treatment plant, Helsinki

The surrealist character of actor Anna Kankila meets the passer-by gently, but at the same time challenges them with her mischief. The versatile character has been seen in several of Recover Laboratory’s productions and events since 2016. The character hosts you, shakes hands, leads you around, washes hands and recites poems, depending on the situation, event and occasion.

Below are the descriptions of the poetry recitation and hand-washing performances.

Hand washing:
A character carrying a wash basin and soap enters the situation, with an eye high above their head. They have pulled on an outfit made of a towel. The character asks a passer-by: shall we wash your hands? The performance melts your heart, cleanses your mind and softens your hands. The performance can be melted together with this sound performance, to make it even more intime. This performance is perfect for (for example) festivals and events.

Reciting Poetry:
A surreal character meets passers-by and drifts into a meandering dialogue with them. They have a wide collection of poems with them, all chosen with love. After each conversation, the character recites a poem that they think fits the situation. The poems reflect the surroundings, rootlessness and a strong longing to belong to something. This poetry performance is a touching and beloved part of Recover Laboratory’s repertoire.