Chocolate hoop is literally a melting pot of contemporary circus and visual art. It reveals the presumptions we might have about equipment and body. The trick never comes and even the instrument is useless. Chocolate hoop is a simple, humorous, and a little bit nasty performance.

"The performer licked the hands of the sculptor. The chocolate melts on the skin with every twirl of the hoop, with every twirl of the hoop, with every twirl of the hoop. The sculptor sculpted a circle out of chocolate, the instrument of chocolate starts to melt starts to melt starts to melt starts to melt with the movement of the performer. A sweet smell lingered in the hot air, the chocolate imprints the circus equipment on the performer's skin as it melts as it melts as it melts as it melts. The sculptor sculpts, equipments come and go, the hoop twirls and twirls."

Recover Crew

DirectionSofi Häkkinen
PerformerMiradonna Sirkka
ProductionInna Huttunen

Technical info

Duration10 minutes (can be performed a 1-2 times during an event at 2 hour intervals)
EquipmentsOne hoop
SoundP.A. system is required. The P.A. should be a high quality one with sufficient power to supply a clean, undistorted sound.
AudienceCircular or frontal public. No interaction. All ages. Suitable for 1-100 people.
LocationWarm indoor space, the warmer the better. We prefer a glass box in the heat of the Sun. Chocolate will make a small mess on the floor.
SpaceMinimum 3 x 3 meters wide, and 2,5 meters high
FloorAny kind
Preparation2 hr to build up, 1 hr to take down.
OtherSpace for warming up