From Kajaani to the Moon

Director: Sofi Häkkinen
Performers: Miradonna Sirkka (hoops), Aleksi Kinnunen (drums)
Production: Inna Huttunen / Recover Laboratory

2017, Taiteiden yö, Helsinki

Supported by:
Arts Promotion Centre, Katapult Berlin

The golden metal hoops clank and clatter to the beat of the wild drumming and the spinning of the white plastic tube. The two performers rampage on stage in complete concentration, at times softly and precisely, at times wildly and grandiose.

From Kajaani to the Moon is a playful argument between two performers and their instruments. The storyline is an imaginary journey from Kajaani, a town in Finland, to the Moon. Along the way, we will encounter long limbs, zero gravity, moonquakes, crackling and electric shocks.

The tension between sound and movement can be made so strong that the two are almost impossible to separate. In the same way, two performers, who change their roles back and forth during the performance, working together make the performance rush forward and backward and wherever. In the piece, the performers deliberately let go of the self-censorship and self-awareness of the artist.

The piece is directed by a visual artist, and it is one of the scenes seen in the One Hundred Million Percent stage play.