I Strip Myself of Binary

I Strip Myself of Binary combines pole dance, electronic music and video art. We wander towards a zero point where electronic sound, digital video and the stretching and contracting of muscles melt into a harmony that oozes synaesthesia. We experiment with different ways in which the human figure, sound and the digital haze of the video projector fit together, blending sensory perceptions. The elements react to each other to create a hypnotic image – not just of a woman on a pole, but of a human being in a world increasingly engulfed by ones and zeros.

In the work, the dancer’s body becomes a universal image of the human being, and does not remain just a female form. The figure gropes around in the stream of images, searching for a place to settle, feeling the sound and electric light flowing around – and leaving no sign of its’ presence in the stream of ones and zeros. Only pure movement and this moment are important as the creature melts into a faceless digital swirl. There is always a chance to decide otherwise.

I Strip Myself of Binary’s visual expression, kinetic narrative and raw music take the piece into a time after the collapse of society. A human, tearing away from of the oppressive binary, emerges from the dystopian electric current – capricious and anonymous. Kiviniemi’s background as a mathematician gives the work’s movement a calculating and precise overall feel. Mathematics, post-post-post-post-post anthropocene and the juxtaposition of soft and hard are present in the language of movement and the music and digital binary rain, that has a real hidden message in the ones and zeros.

The work has been performed in Helsinki at the Lavaklubi of the Finnish National Theatre, Cirko – Centre for New, Circus Baltic Circle, Maunula-talo, Provinssi Rock and many private events.

Directing: Sofi Häkkinen
Performer: Annemari Kiviniemi
Music: Samuli Kivelä
Production: Inna Huttunen / Recover Laboratory

2018, Helsinki

Supported by:
Arts Promotion Center