Circus artist Hedda Liukkala’s solo piece Mitämeri is a collection of stories about the underwater reality, where plastic has become an unchanging part of the world. It is a statement on the climate crisis and an expression of uncertainty future.

Liukkala has written modern mythology around a current problem. The story mixes the modern world, tales inspired by ancient Finns, and the drama of the ancient god mythologies.

In the solo performance, contemporary circus (acrobatics and Cyr wheel), physical theatre and neo-burlesque are used as means of bodily expression.

Circus artist: Hedda Liukkala
Sound design: Lotta Ahlbeck
Music: Mechanic Membrane, Lotta Ahlbeck, Helena Haaparanta, Susanna Syrjäläinen
Light design: Vilma Vantola
Costume dsign: Enna Paavilainen, Kai Salo
Outside eye: Iida-Liina Linnea
Co-production: Recover Laboratory

9.6.2022, Caisa, Helsinki

Sirkus Supiainen, UP Circus & Performing Arts