One Hundred Million Percent

A Competition for Attention

Recover Laboratory's One Million Percent is premiering at Stoa!

One Hundred Million Percent is a competition for attention – and the winner will be chosen by the audience. The work humorously questions our western individualistic lifestyle, saturated with reality TV and clicks for attention. The show is inspired by the present, social media, reality TV, capitalism, likes, and algorithms.

The spotlight is on the competitors: musician Aleksi Kinnunen and contemporary circus artist Miradonna Sirkka. Drums and plastic tubes are used as competition tools. The competition is supervised by “Sifi”, an algorithm-like referee character played by visual artist Sofi Häkkinen.

The work is an absurd comment of the endless search for attention, and the power struggle between the performers. It shows humanity and caring behind all the attention seeking. One Hundred Million Percent is chaos, empathy, frustration, reality, beauty, maximum speed, boredom and horrific situations. The performance is affected by comments and impulses from the audience. Recover Laboratory is a master of the audience-performer relationship which can be seen in this show too. We are challenging the audience relationship with soft methods, always taking care of consent.

"What becomes important here is the emptiness after attention has been achieved. What happens when attention or goals have been achieved? Nothing? Do you have to come up with new dreams and start all over again? You keep going in circles, and maybe there is no final goal or destination," Häkkinen, Kinnunen and Sirkka reflect.

One Hundred Million Percent is an independent continuation of the “Night Walk”, which was a Covid19-adapted show in June 2021. The hypnotic Night Walk at Helsinki's Cirko focused on giving attention rather than the competition for it. Night Walk was a well-loved participatory and site-specific performance. We can tour with either of the performances depending on the wishes of the venue.

Performances of One Hundred Million Percent at Stoa: 26.11. at 19.00 / 27.11. at 15.00 / 30.11. at 19.00 / 1.12. at 19.00 / 3.12. at 19.00

The show contains loud noises and flashing lights.

Tickets: Discount ticket 15 € / Basic ticket 20 € / Show & Dinner ticket packages from 36 € www.lippu.fi/artist/recover-laboratory

Recover Laboratory: recoverlaboratory.com instagram.com/recoverlaboratory

Further information and interview requests: hello@recoverlaboratory.com

Technical info

Duration60 minutes.
EquipmentsWe bring acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, round and spiral plastic tubes, a stone, some plastic lawn chairs, metal hoops, a contact microphone.
Sound & VideoHigh quality P.A. system is required; one with sufficient power to supply a clean, undistorted sound. One good quality video projector with an HDMI input.
AudienceFrontal public, rising stand. Not interactive. Aimed for audiences over 15 years old, but is suitable also for all ages.
LocationBlack box. A near full black out needed. Minimum 6 x 6 m wide and 3 m high. Hard, stable, clean, and dry floor surface.
Preparation2 hours to build, 1 hour to take down.
OtherSpace for warming up.

Dossier for the artwork can be found here.

One Hundred Million Percent Crew

Director/refereeSofi Häkkinen
Performers/competitorsMiradonna Sirkka (hoops) Aleksi Kinnunen (drums)
ProducerInna Huttunen
Light DesignAlina Pajula
Costume DesignHanna Herva
Artistic mentoringJarkko Lehmus

This show travels light and easy! Contact us for bookings.

The artwork has been supported by TAIKE, City of Helsinki, and Cirko - Center for New Cirkus.