Event Kickstarter // Multi-art Labyrinth

You are arriving to a party. A curious-looking creature is waiting for you at the door, and invites you in. You check-in your coat, and the gentle creature opens a pathway. You step into a dim labyrinth-like space, filled with exciting and beautiful artworks, music, light and more bizarre performers. Finally, you make your way out and into the party space, where people are slowly gathering.

Break the ice in a fantastic way, and kick-start your event with an unforgettable, thought-provoking art labyrinth, filled with contemporary circus, art and music.

We will transform the entrance of your venue into a mystical labyrinth, where an interesting character is waiting for your guests. The guests will be let in one by one from 1–3 different doorways, and they can make their way through alone or together. On their path they will experience intriguing art, amazing acts and exciting encounters. The journey takes about 15 minutes, depending on how much the guests want to engage with the artworks.

We can build the labyrinth in your lobby, hallway, stairway corridor – almost any space works. The guests can have different arrival times stated on their invite, or we can build a waiting area where they can wait their turn. This space is also transformed into an immersive art experience, where they can sip a drink while waiting for the journey.

This experience brings your crowd together through a shared experience of individual journeys. Natural discussions and a lifted atmosphere guaranteed at your main event!

Wish to include your colors, themes or other special elements into the labyrinth? Let us know. One Night Only is the starter of your special event, and we are happy to discuss the options to make it look like you, combined with Recover’s unique atmosphere.

Technical info

PerformersDepends on production
DurationCustomizable, guests enter every 30 seconds (or more if you wish); duration per each person 5-20 min. Duration of the whole event can be modified based on the number of people and your wishes.
EquipmentsCircus elements, video, sound, sculpture, depends on the event and space.
Technical requirementsElectricity. We will adapt to the space.
Audience120 people/1 hour
LocationInside or outside. Any. Lobby, hallway, stairway corridor – almost any space works
FloorAny kind
PreparationDepends on the space. From 2 hours to 2 weeks

Contact us and let's plan together!