Site-specific Walks

Recover Laboratory has been creating site-specific works since 2014. In recent years, the group has developed walkable pieces in the form of routes designed specifically for urban spaces. The participants are asked to arrive at the starting point at a certain time. They will follow a predetermined route, where the encounters, performances and art in various forms can be experienced. The works utilise digital technology, live streaming, smartphones and headphones.

Below are a few examples of our site-specific walks from recent years. The works can be realised again as they were, or we can modify them for different spaces and events.


Concept and text: Aleksi Kinnunen, Sofi Häkkinen, Miradonna Sirkka
Performers: Aleksi Kinnunen, Miradonna Sirkka, Sofi Häkkinen
Lights: Alina Pajula
Costume design: Hanna Herva
Dramaturgical support: Jarkko Lehmus / Cirko
Production: Inna Huttunen / Recover Laboratory

06/2021, Cirko, Helsinki. Eight performances in June 2021.

Supported by:
Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, Samuel Huber Arts Foundation

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One Hundred Million Percent: Night Walk leads the participant to wander in the Suvilahti concrete jungle, in the middle of beautiful Finnish summer. The experiential walking piece leads the participant to a surreal intermediate space, which is a hopeful prelude for what is to come – anything can happen in the bright summer night.

Night Walk was born in the middle of the pandemic, when the stage play One Hundred Million Percent, which had long been in the making, could not be performed. RecLab, being specialised in site-specific works, did not settle with live streaming the work. Instead, the piece created by a visual artist, a drummer and a circus artist, was molded into a fascinating contrast to a stage performance, where the viewer becomes a participant, the environment turns into a stage, and the attention is focused on the surrounding world instead of the performer.

Night Walk dealt with encountering and giving attention, while breaking down the feeling of isolation created by the pandemic. During the piece, the experiencers first followed it by themselves via live stream on their phones. They also participated in the piece with tasks that created a sense of community. Finally, the piece culminated in a joint meeting of the entire audience. Night Walk is a pandemic-safe piece and the first part of the series.

Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland, wrote about Night Walk:

“The trio that is running Recover Laboratory] is a refreshing example of how minimal importance the borders and boundaries between art forms have these days. Circus art can seek its most deeply created experientiality from visuality instead of technical tricks, whereas the effectiveness of visual arts may spring to action purely from movement, or from an eccentric, visual idea that lacks a physical form.”

“One Hundred Million Percent: Night Walk takes you on a delicious promenade into the labyrinths that echo silently inside your own mind.”


Concept and directing: Sofi Häkkinen, Miradonna Sirkka, Inna Huttunen
Circus artists: Miradonna Sirkka, Rae Reinvall
Performance: Anna Kankila, Monia Tietue Kimara
Music: Samuli Kivelä
Production: Recover Laboratory

09/2021, Oijoijoi! contemporary circus performance

Supported by:
Sirkus Faktori, Amazing City, Cafe Katto

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The site-specific walk On The Roof was part of Sirkus Faktori’s contemporary circus festival Oijoijoi! in Tampere, Finland. The piece was realised at Finlayson Factory Area in cooperation with the experience service agency Amazing City and Cafe Kato. The walking route was through the factory area, ending up on the roof of the old factory.


Concept and direction: Sofi Häkkinen, Miradonna Sirkka
Circus performers: Miradonna Sirkka, Jenny Mansikkasalo, Hedda Liukkala
Performance: Anna Kankila, Monia Tietue Kimara, Peso Anna
Music: Samuli Kivelä, Aleksi Kinnunen, Janne Masalin, Lauri Kallio
Fine Arts: Sofi Häkkinen, Eeva Lietonen
Dramaturgical support: Samee Haapa (Sami Henrik Haapala) – Center for Everything
Production: Inna Huttunen / Recover Laboratory

05/2020, Helsinki

Supported by:
Helsinki City, ProPadel, Harju8, Hesari13

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Evening Walk was a route-shaped piece realized in Kallio, Helsinki, in May 2020. Evening Walk was implemented in cooperation with restaurants and facilities that were closed due to corona restrictions.

Evening Walk is a collection of scenes that take place in an urban space, such as the cafe window, windows of the private apartments and a closed padel court. The participants walk alone a certain route, encountering performers, works and scenes along the way. Evening Walk includes artists e.g. from the fields of contemporary circus, music, visual arts, performance and dance.

Evening Walk was implemented by respecting the safety distance and without any close encounters. The work was mentioned in the CINARS Biennale seminar as one of the important initiatives of the COVID pandemic era. Finnish Trade Union for Theatre and Media’s magazine Meteli published an article on Evening Walk.

The directors’ words about the basis for making the piece:

“We feel it is our duty to bring art to this moment as well – art is not a luxury product that is available only when the circumstances are good. Art has an important purpose in society and it must find ways to operate despite the crisis situation.”