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2013-2016 Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Experience Management*, Helsinki, FIN

2015 University of Highlands and Islands, WHC, Adventure Tourism**, Fort William, UK
2008-2011 TYK, Arts-oriented upper secondary school, Tampere, FIN

* The Degree Programme is the first of its kind in the world. The boundaries between the tourism/hospitality and culture/arts worlds are becoming blurred. The degree programme emerged from this intersection has provided Inna with unique set of skills in creating and managing experiences ** Being an exchange student in adventure-focused degree programme gave Inna new angles and competencies in experience management.

Chosen Work Experience
2016 Producer: Recover Laboratory, Helsinki, FIN

Production Coordinator, ÖÖ-media*, Helsinki, FIN
2014–2015 Manager, InsideOut Escape Games**, Helsinki, FIN
2013–2014 Artistic Team Member and Bar Manager, Pop Up Art House***, Helsinki, FIN
2007–2014 Various positions in the hospitality industry in Finland, New Zealand and Scotland and assisting in a family real estate business

*ÖÖ-media is a new online media platform founded in 2016 by Finnish frontline media professionals and performers. It is an alternative collaborative media from the people, for the people producing factual and fictional content.

**InsideOut Escape Games is the first Real Life Room Escape Game in Finland. Since 2014 the InsideOut Escape Games have challenged players to overcome themselves, think in new ways, and co-operate with their group members in order to solve riddles. The speciality is the combination of theatre and entertainment. As a manager Inna played a big role in the success of the concept and creating a whole new art and entertainment field in Finland.

*** Pop Up Art House was a feministic art festival at Diana Stage in Helsinki.  Pop Up Art House was an open living room including an art exhibition, theater and music performances, workshops and other events as well as a bar and a disco. It was realized 4 times as a month-long festival in 2013-2014. Inna worked as a bar manager and was part of the artistic team in charge of the artistic and political content of the festivals. She was also part of the board in the organization Diana Kompaniet behind the concept.

Freelance Concept Design and Experience Management Projects
Design and Implementation, immersive real-life adventure games. The games are site-specific holistic experiences that combine role playing, room escape -games, treasure hunts, problemsolving, arts and performance.

2016 The Goddamn Case, Quentin Tarantino -themed game in an immersive cinematic Tarantino event for 400 people, Commissioned by Gloria Kulttuuriareena, Helsingin kaupunki, Finland.
Midsummer Drift – Art installations outdoors in an underground techno festival for 200 people, commissioned by KatveUG/ Katve culture productions,  Tampere, Finland.
J&B Wedding Game, socializing game in a wedding for 70 people, Private commission, Helsinki, Finland.

2015 Fire Walk With Me, Twin Peaks -themed game in an immersive cinematic Twin Peaks event for 600 people, commissioned by Gloria Kulttuuriareena, Helsingin kaupunki
Midsummer Magic, in an underground techno festival for 200 people, commissioned by KatveUG/ Katve culture productions, Tampere, Finland
Implementation, Dance Walk*, Helsinki, Finland

*Dance Walk is a concept which takes over public spaces through dancing, freedom and self-expression for 60 minutes at a time. Dance walk invites everyone to join as they are, and press “play” in their own devices to listen to a same mixtape designed for the occasion from their own headphones and let go for an hour together. Dance Walk was organized 4 times in the summer 2015 and there was 30-50 dancers in each event.

Inna Huttunen is a producer, concept designer and experience manager. She has always been very interested in different kinds of people, phenomenons and their connections. She grew up in a small village and has lived and travelled here and there, thirsty and searching, sharing the life with people from wretched strip clubs, old gold panners and glowing bacteria in the Indian Ocean. Now she’s graduating with a unique set of skills in creating and managing experiences from Experience and Wellness Management in Haaga-Helia UAS. She has worked in managerial positions in the media, entertainment, culture and arts fields as well as developed and implemented several participatory real-life games, which combine gaming with arts and theatre, problem-solving with performance.
For Inna art is an experience and an experience is art. Her specialty and biggest interest at the moment is immersive experiences, and interdisciplinary productions combining different fields of art with the viewer becoming a doer.