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2017 Master of Arts, Visual Culture And Contemporary Art, Aalto-yliopisto

2011–2015 Turku University of Applied Sciences; Performing Arts, Circus
2010–2011 Finnish Theatre Institute, Tampere
2007–2010 Lyseonpuiston lukio, Rovaniemi

2016 Circus artist, hoop manipulation and trapeze solos

2015 Circus artist, clownery, Nina Ervasti’s artistic thesis, Ronja Rövardötter, Åbo Svenska Teatern
2014– Performer in fire circus group Circas
2013 Circus artist, acrobatics and aerial chains, contemporary circus performance TuTut
2012 Circus character in Rölli and the golden Key movie, Matila-Röhr productions, performer in theater project BämBämBäm in Köysiteatteri theater
2011 Solo project PilviLinna, aerial chains and loop straps, Circus performer in many events, e.g. Turku the Culture Capital 2011
2010– Performer in a fire circus group e.g. The Youth Art Festival in Estonia 2011
2008–2009 Circus artist (acrobatics, group acrobatics, aerial swing), Talven Taikapyörä, Rovaniemi Municipal Theatre
1998-2010 Performer, The Finnish Youth Circus Festival (solo and group), Christmas and Spring shows in youth circus Sirkus Taika-Aika

Directing and teaching
2016 Circus teacher, Hakasirkus youth circus, circus Woltti

2015 Circus teacher, Circus Unioni, Freelancer circus teacher, e.g. youth circus of Oulu
2014– Director of Recover Laboratory
2014–2016 Producer of Recover Laboratory
2013 Director and producer, Contemporary circus Máttáráhka; premiere in Köysitheatre, Performed e.g. Logomo and Future Circus-festival
2006–2010 Circus teacher and assistant, youth circus Taika-Aika

Courses & Projects
2016 Artistic Laboratory, Finnish-Flemish collaboration in Ghent, Belgium and Helsinki, Finland

1/2016 Balancing masterclass, Strasbourg, France
2/2015 Student exchange, acrobatics and static trapeze, Academie Fratellini in Paris, France
10/2013–4/2014 Internship as a circus teacher, Zirkus Cabuwazi in Berlin, Germany

2016 Finnish Cultural Foundation

Additional Information
Languages: Fluent english, basic german and swedish, native finnish

Firework permission

Main circus disciplines
Hoop manipulation and aerial chains

Miradonna Sirkka is a circus performer and artist, for whom performances are comprehensive collaborations of movement and different forms of art.
Sirkka graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2016. During her studies she explored ways of taking the traditional circus performance towards a more experiential show that requires more involvement from the part of the audience. Sirkka has worked in management of and as a performer in several projects in both theatre and circus. At the moment she is interested in collaborating with people with fine arts and visual arts backgrounds.
Sirkka has produced many daring and very experimential performances during her artistic career, and intends to continue on this path. ”To me, circus is about entering different worlds, a place where everyone can be themselves. The spectators are not separate beings from the performance, but rather a deeply involved part of it.”
The key word in Sirkka’s art is freedom. The viewer can choose to what extend they want to participate in the performance, what stimulations they react or respond to. For Sirkka, contemporary circus means the freedom of movement; the will to understand who moves, when they move and how they move; and how does the object, the equipment, settle in this equation between the viewer and the performer. How do people, and the equipment, communicate?