Viewer! you are the experiencer.
You are the artwork,
you are the poem,
the electricity,
the scenery,
the experience.

You step into this artificial world alone. Every variable, every performer is in you as you become detached but simultaneously one with the sliding movement, the light, the sound and the emotion.
And then there’s freedom: taller shadows now and a dim light.
The curious heat and a permission to touch. Or to shiver. You can close down or open up, you may breathe deeply and then shrink again: you have entered the labyrinth.



Recover Laboratory is an instrument and a cross-artistic platform for immersive artworks, installations, circus performances, and fleeting moments that take you into another dimension. The group consists of director and circus artist Miradonna Sirkka (CV), artistic director and visual artist Sofi Häkkinen (CV) and producer Inna Huttunen (CV). The concept allows the team to create immersive artworks that invite the experiencer to contemplation through a look, a touch, a sigh; a concert of senses, a ritual and a personal journey.

Recover Laboratory was born in the steamy crossroads of contemporary art and contemporary circus. Disguised as anything and everything possible, the artworks under its name are vivid and powerful interventions and comments. Recover Laboratory artworks are site-specific immersive labyrinths, temporary installations or anything else. They compose of a combination of performers, sounds, artworks and other stimuli designed to draw the experiencer’s thoughts into the unknown.
An absurd surrealism hangs over the productions that are invasively personal experiences where every participant can submerge themselves in their own desired way, as they enter the artwork alone.

And then in the middle of all this chaos, there is nothing.

The concept was first created in 2014 by Director/circus artist Miradonna Sirkka, who later invited Artistic Director/contemporary visual artist Sofi Häkkinen to be her partner in crime and ART. They later seduced Inna Huttunen, an experience manager, to join them as Producer. Each Recover Laboratory experience is created with a large number of incredibly talented professionals from many different fields of art and performance.