Recover Laboratory (RecLab) is an art collective operating in Finland and internationally, with its headquarters located in Helsinki.

RecLab organizes 1–2 premieres every year, performs, creates commissions and co-productions, and with its other professional activities develops the multi-arts field from the basis of contemporary circus, visual art and experientiality. RecLab has been active in the art field since 2014, executing dozens of works in Finland and internationally.

Each year RecLab employs approximately 15–30 professional artists from various art fields per production. At the core of the group’s expertise are participatory and immersive artworks. The central theme of the artworks are the encounters between people, the feeling of being seen and heard, and the magic of everyday life. The works are often site-specific. In addition, the group produces stage works, children’s works, commissioned works and curated collections for various events.

“In our works, anything can be possible, just like on an ordinary weekday.

Your experience with us may be gentle or fierce, deep or distant, challenging or soft. It carries you as far as you want.

Let’s go together.”