Art Exhibitions

Anssi Kasitonni – Silmä (EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT)

Recover Laboratory is a network of dozens of artists that promotes multi-arts through its’ activities. Visual art is a natural part of RecLab’s productions, as RecLab’s works often include sculptures, painting, video art and installations. RecLab also maintains its very own Window Gallery in its Vaasankatu premises, and curates, for example, site-specific art exhibitions.

The Window Gallery:
Recover Laboratory has a Window Gallery in the Space in Vaasankatu 2 in Helsinki Finland. Different artists are curated by artistic director Sofi Häkkinen, to show their work in the Window Gallery. Artists shown are: Eeva Lietonen (10–12/2022), Anna Björklund & Sofi Häkkinen (10–12/2022), Hemuloordi (1–2/2023).

Site-specific ehibitions:
Recover Laboratory curates and produces site-specific art exhibitions. For example in 2019 EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT was an exhibition curated by Sofi Häkkinen in the Meilahti public shelter. The exhibition held artworks from 17 different artists, and it was an independent exhibition as well as a part of RecLab’s Underneath labyrinth piece.

“EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT is an art exhibition where I asked the artists for works that they felt deal with humanity and being a human. The idea was to build a site-specific exhibition into the 1m x 1m cubicles that take up two corridors in the underground shelter – each work has their own space. The works are sculptures, installations, paintings, sound art, and videos. All of them address the theme in their own curious way, lurking behind the closed doors of their small cubicles in the underground heart of the air-raid shelter. I see of the works as breathing, golden lumps that sparkle in the dimly lit, dusty corridors of our brains. They mirror the core of what being a human in this world right now is. They lay down there, quietly waiting, hidden deep inside, sheltered – but very vibrant, poignant and alive.”

– Sofi Häkkinen 2019