Tell me something you once left unsaid

2016, Recover Laboratory’s labyrinth, Viikinmäki waste water treatment plant, Helsinki

Changing crew
Music: Samuli Kivelä

“Tell me something you once left unsaid” is an installation that collects unsaid sentences and things from people, either in text or audio form. People are asked a question, and the answers are put together into a video or audio piece. The personal is turned into common and shared. The question is asked during the piece or performance, either in writing through a computer installation, or by voice message using the participant’s own phone or a special sculpture made for the purpose. The answers are kept anonymous.

The work has been seen as part of labyrinths, participatory route-shaped pieces, corporate events and festivals, as well as in Miradonna Sirkka’s hoop manipulation works. “Tell me something you once left unsaid” can be adapted to different events by changing the question asked.