Muscle Cousin

2019, Four Seasons Tour – with rap artist Pyhimys

Muscle Cousin: Helinä Kumpulainen
Concept: Helinä Kumpulainen, Miradonna Sirkka, Sofi Häkkinen, Anna Kankila, Hedda Liukkala

Muscle Cousin is the entire nation’s multi athlete and team spirit builder. Muscle Cousin loves both muscles and the first flowers of the Spring. Muscle is a curious cousin who feels at home in any social circle. They know how to create the most addictive small talk and how to take the foggiest selfies.

The pictures and videos taken by Muscle Cousin can also be shared with the participants. If desired, you can order a party recording from Muscle in the spirit of Instagram’s “My day”.

If you want a social butterfly to zoom around at your party, invite Muscle Cousin! Do you need a supporting character for your event or someone to cheerlead for your partygoers?!
Muscle Cousin can pump the iron, but their emotions are soft.

Muscle Cousin has been met e.g. at Sideways Festival in Helsinki, at custom events, and in labyrinths.

Muscle Cousin is capable of for example: being a consultant for the cultural field,
an expert in wellness and core strength – or even a sage of emotional skills!