2019, Maunula-talo, Helsinki

Concept and artists: Monia Tietue Kimara, Peso Anna

HELLO/SMTHG/TAKE CARE (Recover Laboratory x AOFA) is an experimental performance by Monia Tietue Kimara and Peso Anna. The work explores encounters and different ways of touching. HELLO/SMTHG/TAKE CARE approaches touch gently through play, drawing inspiration from the world of spas. The work is meant to be experienced alone.

AOFA (Association of Free Association) is a Helsinki-based art collective that is interested in utopias and exploring new possibilities and forms of presentation. The group includes Helinä Kumpulainen, Tuomas Lehti, Michelle Orenius, Miina Penttinen, Peso Anna, Tove Ström and Minka Virtanen.