Concept and musician: Samuli Kivelä

2018, Underneath, Helsinki

Melancholy, beautiful music echoes in the space. The musician is motionless. There is an empty chair and a keyboard in front of them. Do you dare to press the keyboard? A finger presses down on the keyboard and the space is taken over by a beautiful chord, which the musician reacts to by playing their own instrument. Soon you find yourself playing together with the musician, as if having a conversation through the music.

In the piece, the experiencers create music and sounds for the space together with the musician. The encounter is designed with a low threshold: a skilled musician creates a pleasant and beautiful soundscape to fill the space together with even the shyest experimenter. Soundscape has been performed at festivals, as part of Recover Laboratory’s labyrinths, and at corporate events. The soundscape of Soundscape is created to suit the atmosphere of the given event.