<3 (Smaller than three)

<3(Smaller than three) is a contemporary circus show for both children and adults. A piece based on joy, play and freedom is a journey to a magical island that is shared by people and various Möntti creatures. One of them is arrogant, another one is twisted, the third is oval! Performers manipulate hoops, plastic spirals and tubes, inviting you to observe the happenings of the island. In the piece, you can play with undersea jellyfish and soap bubbles or observe exciting events from aside. If you get lucky, you might even get to jump in the hot tub!

There are two versions of this piece. The stage play is a 45-minute performance that the audience watches from their seats. Immersive wonderland is a work in which the participants wander around, like one would in a gallery, finally encountering a circus performance.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Saari Residence, Cirko – Center for New Circus, Sirkus Faktori, Rohki Hya Sirkus, Circo Sapiens.

In 2022, <<3 was selected to represent Finland in circusnext, a Europe-wide development project for the circus art field. circusnext provides international touring opportunities and supports the artistic and production development of contemporary circus.


Concept: Maiju Saarimaa, Susanna Liinamaa, Miradonna Sirkka
Performers: Maiju Saarimaa, Susanna Liinamaa, Miradonna Sirkka, Samuli Kivelä
Sound Design: Samuli Kivelä
Experience Design: Inna Huttunen
Light and space design: Alina Pajula
Sculptures: Sofi Häkkinen
Production: Recover Laboratory / crew

Puppetry artist Anna Nekrassova has also participated in developing the piece. Local artists are invited to participate in the immersive version, whenever possible. Circus artist Hanna Pikkarainen and visual artist Tanja Koistinen took part in the demo presented in Kolari in 2022.

“You really took us to another world!”

“A revolutionary show, a real furtherance of the circus!”

“You turned objects into new kinds of communication tools that connected people in a beautiful and playful way.”

“Can we just stay here?”

– The audience from the demo performances in Italy and in Kolari, 2022